Tar and Gravel Roof Repair

Tar and Gravel Roof Repair

So you have a tar and gravel roof. And, you have a water leak. And you have a wife who is tired of you putting off repairing the leak.

So it has come down to either you take care of the tar and gravel roof, or she is going to tar and feather you. Don’t worry, if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and a little hard work… then you can take care of this yourself.

Though tar and gravel roofs are slowly vanishing due newer and more efficient flat surface roofing systems, there are still plenty of them around. And like any other type of roof they sometimes have water leaks too. Water leaks, no matter what kind of roofing material covers your home or business, are at a minimum a nuisance and if left unattended a down right major headache and expense.

Roof Repair Procedures

And like other roof types that must have repairs, there is a process for tar and gravel roofs too.  Repair procedures that can be followed to insure the problem is adequately resolved. No sense investing time, energy, and money if it’s not going to take care of the problem. You can do this.

First, you want find where the water actually enters or its point of origin. You may have to do a little investigating to track it down. Start at the perimeters of the roof and check along the flashing for cracks and nails that may have backed out. Now, look for spots where there is little or no gravel at all. These are the most obvious areas to start.

Scrape Away The Gravel

Once you have found the problem area to be repaired, pull or scrape the gravel away. Be sure to figure an area big enough that it insures the problem will be covered. Sweep the area clean making sure it is dust free and dry. Now you are ready to apply the roof primer. This will insure that the patch will adequately adhere to the surface you are repairing. Roofing primer and roofing patch material for tar and gravel roofs can be purchased at any home improvement store or roofing material supplier.

Apply the roofing tar and patch over the crack or hole and press down firmly with a trowel or roller. Then once again, a second application of tar and patch material until you feel the crack has been sufficiently covered. Replace the gravel evenly over the patch and you’re done.

When you are in question about the overall integrity of your tar and gravel roof you should call upon a qualified professional roofing contractor.  He can assess the quality and durability of your existing roof. Often a simple repair job is futile or may only act as a band aid only to be addressed time and time again.

Now, what’s it going to be? Tar and gravel, or tar and feather?